Originally from Dublin, Katie McMahon is an Irish singer and harpist who lives in Minneapolis. She is currently rehearsing for her latest musical production, ‘Loving the Silent Tears,’ which will premiere in the Shrine Auditorium LA this coming weekend.

When/why did you move to the US?
“While touring the US with Riverdance I met my husband backstage in Minneapolis in 1998. It took 2 years of a long distance relationship until I left the show and settled in Minneapolis.”

Who are your musical influences?
“Everything and everyone from Altan to Led Zeppelin.”

You are classically trained in voice and harp, how did you first become interested in music?
“Apparently I gave concerts in my high chair when I was 2. I always loved to sing and my mother made sure that I was classically trained in many different instruments. I adore music and am a born show off. That's why I love performing.”

You worked as a soloist with the original Riverdance troupe, tell us a little bit about this experience.
“Being the original singer in Riverdance was a life changing experience. We had no idea how big or wonderful it was going to be. To have the Celtic tiger roaring back home and to be the ambassadors of Ireland all over the world was fantastic!”

Tell us about your latest project ‘Loving the Silent Tears.’
“This is an amazing musical set to the poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai. The music was written by a team of Oscar, Emmy and Tony award winners and the cast is an ensemble of talent from 16 different countries with a troupe of dancers and a live orchestra. I'm representing Ireland singing, playing the harp and accompanied by Irish dancers. Anyone in the LA area should run out and grab a ticket. It's this Saturday Oct 27th @ 3pm.”

Do you have any Irish Christmas shows coming up?
“Yes! I love performing Christmas music. I have a show in Duluth, MN on Dec 7th and in St. Paul, MN on Dec 22nd. Please visit www.reverbnation.com/katiemcmahon for details about all these shows.”

Loving the Silent Tears - Rehearsing with the Stars

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