Not only is “Riverdance” renowned for its worldwide Irish dancing success, it has also been the catalyst for more than 40 weddings.

According to the Evening Herald, 17 years of Riverdance production have established a trend of romances and relationships among the troupe. 

It is no wonder, seeing as the dance troupe tour together, live together, travel, work and socialize at the same time and in the same environment.

Niamh O’Conner, current Riverdance captain, met her husband and fellow dancer Padraic Moyles backstage. The couple wed 4 years ago, becoming the 38th Riverdance marriage.

Niamh was 19 when she set out touring with Riverdance. The 36-year old said of the relationship, “It is difficult because you’re living in one hotel room, but in a way that’s good because you have to discuss everything and there’s nowhere to go.” On the bright side, they get to travel the world together.

The Castleknock native says, “I get to see dozens of different cities with my partner and have those memories. And it’s a great support system, because it’s quite hard being away from home for such long periods at a time and having your husband there means you have a shoulder to cry on.”

Niamh joined the rest of her team of up to 20 riverdancers on Wednesday night to kick start their Irish tour at the Gaiety Theatre. Riverdancers will step, skip and hop around Ireland until September 2nd.

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"Riverdance" dancers in action on stageGoogle Images