It’s been quite a week for Rihanna since a conservative Protestant farmer shooed the singer and her video crew off his farm in Bangor, Co. Down last week because she stripped down to a barely there bikini and pranced around on his land like a soft porn star.

Rihanna was in Belfast for three sold-out shows at the Odyssey, and figured she’d kill time by shooting the video for her new single “We Found Love,” as we told you last week. After she got the boot in Bangor she decamped to the Catholic New Lodge Area in Belfast to shoot scenes for the video while hundreds of adoring fans looked on.  Her people even rented the house of a local star-struck resident to use as a dressing room for the Barbados native.

“I've had to move all my clothes out of my wardrobe, but I don't mind. At least I can say Rihanna's been in my bedroom,” Patrick McCloskey told the Belfast Telegraph.

Though she was visibly annoyed when paparazzi began to swarm her video shoot, telling them at one point to move back, the star gave two kisses to a wheelchair bound fan and shouted “Belfast is the best” to appease the fans.


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And she certainly did need to make nice with her Northern Irish supporters, as she showed up for her second concert in the city on September 29 more than 90 minutes late and earned a bunch of boos for her tardiness. “Things dont always run smoothly or as planned, but I dearly appreciate ur patience,” she tweeted after the show.  (That’s definitely her grammar, not ours!)

Pity the poor Bangor farmer, Alan Graham, who personally told Rihanna that she was dressed inappropriately on his farm.  Her fans were so outraged that they took it upon themselves to send him hate mail.  (Clearly, Rihanna’s supporters have little to be doing with their time.)

"I'm taking it all in my stride, it'll soon die down. To be honest, all this fuss has kept me back a bit. I've got straw to harvest that I haven't been able to finish yet,” Graham told The Sun.

"Maybe I'll name a type of grain after her. I'd love to have her back. She was lovely and gracious when I spoke to her. Just as long as I know what she's wearing before the visit.”

The star got a rousing reception down in Dublin on Monday night, where she played a sold-out show, the last on her current tour, and holed up in the Clarence Hotel basically until showtime.

“DUBLIN you stole my heart AGAIN!!!! I’ll love u forever!!!!” she tweeted after the performance.