PHOTOS - Rihanna asked to cover up on raunchy County Down video shoot - slideshow

Crazy Rihanna fans have been bombarding Alan Graham, the County Down farmer who asked her to cover up last week, with hate mail. Her fans have branded the Northern Ireland farmer as a “bible-bashing maniac”.

Last week Rihanna stripped off and frolicked topless in Graham’s fields while filming her upcoming music video “We Found Love”. Graham who had rented the land to the crew is deeply religious and was offended by Rihanna running through his fields topless.

The Bangor farmer is keeping a level head despite the hate mail and attention he's recieving. He told the Sun “I'm taking it all in my stride, it'll soon die down.

"To be honest, all this fuss has kept me back a bit.

"I've got straw to harvest that I haven't been able to finish yet."



PHOTOS - Rihanna asked to cover up on raunchy County Down video shoot - slideshow

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Speaking to the News Letter Graham explained that he would not have objected if the singer had been covered in some way. “I would not have objected if she had been wearing a bikini…What happened was that I approached the film crew and asked them to stop, and then Rihanna came over and spoke to me a short time later.

“I think the story was taken up wrong from the start, and I was stereotyped for simply being a Christian, but it has not really fazed me.

“To be honest much was made of my religious beliefs, but it was not necessarily a religious issue at all.

“I believe it was a moral one, and many people have told me that they would have acted in the same way as I had.”

Graham clarified that he does not blame Rihanna for what happened last week. He said “I have been careful not to condemn Rihanna for what happened in the field, there are a lot of people around her who have to take responsibility and modern culture generally.

“When she spoke to me she was very gracious and respectful towards me.

“There is no doubt that she is a beautiful young woman, and I know there are many men who would want to see her with her clothes off, but I would rather she kept them on.

“I don’t see why someone who is a talented singer should have to do that.”

Other mad Rihanna fans have been offering Graham cash for the crops that she might have rubbed against during filming. He said “I don't think I'll be doing that, but maybe I'll name a type of grain after her."

The well meaning farmer said that despite the torrent of abuse he’s been receiving since his encounter with Rihanna he would still welcome her at his farm for tea and biscuits.

He said “I'd love to have her back. She was lovely and gracious when I spoke to her.

"Just as long as I know what she's wearing before the visit."

Speaking to the New Letter he pointed out that that the same loyal fans who have been bombarding him with hate mail turned on Rihanna after her Thursday show.

He said “I’ve heard that fans had booed her because she was late on stage on Thursday night, so it shows how quickly people can turn on you. The phone has been very busy since this all started, but I’m not too bothered by it all, I’m sure it will all die down soon enough.”

PHOTOS - Rihanna asked to cover up on raunchy County Down video shoot - slideshow