Robert Pattinson, poor little lamb, is laughing all the way to the bank. He has gullible female fans feeling sorry for him while he is becoming the new Ritchie Rich of Hollywood. 

With “New Moon” taking in over $500 million and Pattinson set to star in probably two more sequels, he can name his price and make himself one of the richest actors in Hollywood.

So why is he still whining about being alone, no girlfriend, locked in his hotel room, too tired to wash and all that nonsense? Believe me he knows his way to the bank however, to cash his monopoly size checks. This guy passed “Go” a long time ago.

It is because he is a clever one who knows his grungy, moody please-help-me helpless look is what his franchise is all about.

Even though he is about as interesting as a MacDonalds hamburger and cheesy to boot, the ladies cannot get enough of him. Why. Oh because he's spooky and scary – well not really, but just enough to be sexy.

Same as Miley Cyrus likes to lay it on for “tweens,” Robert does it for gullible teens. “Gullible's Travels” should be the name of his next “Twilight” film where he will reprise his usual role.

Meanwhile, his bank balance is bulging and he's a poor little rich boy.