Prodijig are back with their revolution in Irish dance.

Taking to the Cork Opera House between July 21 and August 14, the Irish dance sensation led by Cork-born World Champion Irish dancer Alan Kenefick will see 14 of the very best modern Irish dancers in the world take part in “ProdiJIG: The Revolution,” a show unlike anything we’ve seen before.

“In a brand new adventure for Cork Opera House and its audiences, ProdiJIG The Revolution is an explosive, dynamic and beautiful new Irish dance show for this year's summer programme,” said Cork Opera House CEO Eibhlín Gleeson.

“I've been a fan of ProdiJIG since they won Sky's Got To Dance [a UK talent show] in 2012, so I find it incredibly exciting that we at Cork Opera House are making this show with such a pioneering group of dancers. It’s a privilege to work with Alan and Wayne, who together are creating something very special for our audiences.

Choreographed and created by Kenefick and directed and co-created by acclaimed theatre director Wayne Jordan, Prodijig: The Revolution combines the spirit for revolution and rebellion with the music of progressive traditional music band MOXIE and internationally acclaimed composer and sound designer Peter Power to create a revolutionary experience for lovers of Irish song and dance.

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“We're also delighted to welcome one of this country's most dynamic and trailblazing traditional bands, Moxie to Cork for the show,” Gleeson continued.

“Their collaboration with Cork-based composer Peter Power moves traditional music in a whole new direction. This promises to be spectacular, and I can assure you should not be missed!”

We’ve a lot of work to do but I can’t wait for opening night and to invite the world to join in ProdiJIG’s revolution. It’s gonna be a riot!” added director Wayne Jordan.

“Alan’s boundless creativity and his ambition for the show and for the future of Irish dance is an inspiration and his trailblazing energy is infectious. The Opera House have introduced me to a brilliant cast of collaborators and performers from Cork and around the country.”

“ProdiJIG: The Revolution has been inspired by my life as a dancer including the highs and the lows, and a dream to make a change,” Kenefick previously told IrishCentral, “to show the world that we as Irish dancers and as a culture are still evolving …This is our Revolution.”

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