The smurf apocalypse is upon us. On June 25, in a promotional opportunity dread up by Sony and Columbia Pictures, Global Smurfs Day will fall.

What does this mean? It means that the two companies behind the new Smurf film will be running worldwide events during the 24 hour period, including attempts to break the Guinness World Records Title for Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Smurfs.

This event, of course, is a great opportunity to promote the hell out of The Smurfs 3D movie - starrring Neil Patrick Harris - which opens in theaters on July 29th.


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To whet the appetite Sony and Paramount have insisted that their surfs events will be synchronized around the world – meaning this will be the largest gathering of Smurfs ever held.

To achieve recognition from Guinness World Records the global events must collectively add up to more than 2,510 Smurfs.

Among the cities participating in the record attempt as part of Global Smurfs Day are Brussels, Belgium; Athens, Greece; Holland; Dublin, Ireland; Mexico City, Mexico; Panama City, Panama; Warsaw, Poland; Moscow, Russia; Johannesburg, South Africa; USA; and the UK.

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