Megan Palmer and Jacqueline Gregory from Liz Gregory in Australia
Erika Cocco, Stefanie Warren and Candice Corrigan from Penk O'Donnell (W. Canada)

Caitlin Gash and Katie Lawler from Sheila Tully (IL)

The Senior Ladies (over 20) competition at the 2011 North American Irish Dancing Championships had more entries than ever before, requiring a split competition.

This is testimony to the feature article written by Patricia McNamara in the July/August issue of Feis America magazine, Sorority of Seniority. Read about some of the influential teachers/adjudicators – Kevin Broesler, Sally Houston, Patsy McLoughlin, Deirdre Penk-O’Donnell – and their success at keeping young ladies interested and motivated to keep dancing through the teen years when so many other challenges and opportunities present themselves. As evidenced by the top five in each group, this is not just a North American trend: three of the ten are from outside North America.

Top Five Senior Ladies A
Champion Meghan Lucey from Pender Keady (CT)
2-Lisa Murphy from O’Malley (Mid-America)
3-Caitlin Ehrich from Lynagh (Australia)
4-Stefanie Warren from Penk O’Donnell (Western Canada)
5 – Erin Green from O’Grady-Quinlan (Mid-Atlantic USA)

Top Five Senior Ladies B
Champion Frances Dunne from Doherty (England/Wales)
2-Kerri Smith from Denogla (Mid-Atlantic USA)
3-Alanna Morsby from McGing (Mid-America)
4-Simona Mauriello from Maguire-O’Shea (England)
5-Erin Skaalerud from Mulvihill-Lynch (New York)

Congratulations to all who qualified for Nationals and cheers to those who placed!

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