Maureen O'Hara is "highly unlikely" to set foot on Irish soil again, her manager has confirmed.

Hopes that the Irish screen legend might make one final visit to Ireland had been raised after a request was made in recent weeks for her to receive the Freedom of Dublin City.

But her spokesman Johnny Nicoletti said it is no longer feasible for The Quiet Man star, who turns 94 in August and who requires round-the-clock care, to make the long trip from her base in Idaho.

US-based Nicoletti said the Dublin-born actress would be deeply honored to receive the coveted civic award, but would be represented by members of her family at any future awards ceremony in Ireland.

He also set the record straight about the origin of the letter to Dublin City Council, stressing that previous newspaper reports that city chiefs had been approached by members of O'Hara's family were incorrect.

He revealed that a male fan who met O'Hara a number of years ago at a film event at her former home in Glengarriff, Co. Cork had made the request for her to receive the honor.

He said, "Maureen's family are supportive of her being granted the Freedom of Dublin. It would be a huge honor, but the letter is not something they ever solicited.

"But given her age, it just won't be plausible for her to travel to Ireland. It just won't happen because the trip is too long.

"If she is invited over, we'll make sure that members of her family are there to represent her and try and arrange a video link-up with Maureen."

Despite her advanced years and reliance on round-the-clock care in Boise the still-glamorous screen icon remains "in good health" and is enjoying spending regular quality time with her family, including her two great-grandchildren.

Nearly two years ago the actress, who starred in 64 movies in her distinguished career, abruptly left her retirement home in Glengarriff following a well-publicized row over her care and legacy with former personal assistant, Carolyn Murphy.

The dispute resulted in the shelving of ambitious plans for an elaborate film museum and movie school in O'Hara's name in the Co. Cork seaside town.

But June Porter Beck, who runs Ms. O'Hara's official website from her home in Arizona, said her famous friend's heart will always remain in Glengarriff.

She added, "Maureen can't travel back to Ireland, unfortunately that's out of the question. But she loves Ireland and would love nothing more than to watch the boats go by in Glengarriff. That would be her dream."