Breaking up is hard to do when you've signed a multimillion dollar contract, just ask troubled lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. It has just been confirmed that the currently warring pair will have to undertake grueling international promotional duties in the run-up to the November release of Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

It's hard to watch an affair hit the rocks, but it's much worse when you know there are a hundred telephoto lenses waiting for you everywhere you go.

Privacy just isn't an option for the most famous twenty something couple on the face of the planet, so where do broken hearts go to heal? How likely are the two to even find time before they have to face off at round tables to promote the final Twilight film?

In a statement this week Summit Film's president of worldwide marketing, Nancy Kirkpatrick said: 'While it is studio policy not to comment on the personal lives of actors, Summit is moving full steam ahead and looking forward to this November’s opening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.'

'We are confident that the film delivers amazing entertainment for our passionate fans and general audience alike.'

No word on what it will mean to Pattinson and Stewart, then.

According to the Daily Mail, the young British actor is 'dreading' the upcoming promotional tour, where he and his now possibly former girlfriend will be expected to share the stage and conduct joint interviews in what can only be the most awkward major franchise finale in Hollywood history.

'He is in pieces but the Twilight love triangle storyline is nothing without him and Kristen,' a source told Perez Hilton. 'It is eating him up that he has no choice but to see her again because of work. His humiliation is total.'

According to Radar Online, the troubled pair 'have finally started talking to each other again'  but sources say Pattinson will not be forgiving her so soon.
Currently he is said to be holding out at Reese Witherspoon's ranch in Ojai, California.

'Rob just isn’t going to be able to get beyond the cheating – one time or not,' a source told People magazine.

Pattinson wants to get to the bottom of Stewart's infidelity with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, and to do that he may even turn to Sander's wife.

Pattinson wants to find out if their tryst was a 'momentary indiscretion' or if it had gone on for months, according to reports.

Meanwhile some cynics are still claiming that the whole affair was an epic publicity stunt created by the studios to stimulate flagging interest in the pallid pair in time for the final film in the money making bonanza.

Pattinson will honor his professional commitments sources say, and so you can expect him to step out when Cosmopolis, his latest flick, opens in the Big Apple on August 13.

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