Everyone may have been talking about the crazy hats and Catherine Middleton's dress following last week's Royal Wedding, but the men in the Wedding Party made sure that their leading ladies did not top them when it came to their uniforms.

The Daily Mail revealed that both Prince William and Prince Harry had their uniforms custom made by tailor Russell Kashket. Kashket made sure to spare Harry of any embarrassment (prior to the reception, anyways) as his uniform had a tiny Velcro compartment sewn inside ensuring that Kate's ring would not be misplaced.

According to Kashket, Prince William was more concerned about fainting from the heat than from the nerves of having two billion people watching his wedding. To prepare for this, Kashket made William's uniform out of "a heat-absorbing material, to prevent him passing out at Westminster Abbey." The material used was sweat-absorbant, which aided William under the heat of the lights and the cameras. 

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Kashket created the uniforms specially for the nuptials, and revealed that Catherine voiced her own fashion style and sensibilities when it came to creating the outfits. For their services, Kashket and his family were invited to the wedding, dubbed by many as the event of the decade.

For Kashket, the hardest part of creating the made-to-order uniforms was keeping his role under wraps for months: "It was difficult to make it all without anyone knowing what it was for...we had to use a pseudonym." Despite the hard work and secrecy that was involved, Kashket conceded that the job was an "honour...it was unbelievable."