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Music legend Prince could lose his American home over his failure to play a gig in the GAA headquarters at Croke Park in 2008.

The rock superstar is now being pursued through the American legal system for over $3 million in damages by Irish concert promoters MCD for the Dublin gig that never was.

The firm’s owner Denis Desmond has filed papers in Los Angeles seeking to recover the sum awarded by a judgement in Dublin’s High Court last year.

Desmond and MCD took the Irish action against Prince after his failure to turn up for the 2008 outdoor concert at Croke Park.

A successful judgement in the Central District of the Los Angeles Superior Court will give MCD the right to target Prince’s American assets if he doesn’t pay – including his family home.

MCD are looking to the LA court to recover the full $3million awarded to them in damages by the Irish legal system plus interest of eight per cent on the settlement which adds another $200,000 plus to the total figure.

Prince upset his Irish fans and angered Desmond when he cancelled the Dublin show in June 2008 just 13 days before the event.

No explanation has ever been forthcoming from the American star to the 55,000 fans who had bought tickets for the much hyped gig.

When the case initially went to Dublin’s Commercial Courts in February last year, Prince’s legal team agreed to pay MCD over $2million in damages and almost a million dollars in costs.

That deal was never settled by the March 2010 deadline however and a subsequent judgement was registered with a European Enforcement Order Certificate which granted MCD the right to pursue Prince’s assets within the EU.

The Irish Times newspaper has seen documents which state that MCD have identified assets worth almost a million dollars belong to Prince in bank accounts in France and Portugal but they have yet to receive any part of the settlement.

When the initial judgement was made in Dublin, MCD owner Desmond told reporters that Prince had been badly advised.

Desmond said at the time:  “His own side says he is just not communicating. It is sad that an artist of the caliber of Prince has found himself in this position. He needs to surround himself with good advisers.”

Read more: Irish gossip tidbits: Prince, Moya Brennan, Pierce Brosnan