As every news outlet in the world was reporting on Prince Harry’s naked frolics in Las Vegas “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” just could not help themselves at taking a pop – a mock commercial for the “Prince Harry scandalous photos commemorative plate collection”.

Actor Billy Dee Williams starred in the mock commercial to sell the commemorative plates, having previous appeared on the show to sell dinnerware with Mel Gibson’s offensive quotes and Tiger Woods' mistresses.

In the commercial he says “Now you can make the royal family’s faux pas a part of your home.”

The plates show Harry grinding on a Jamaican woman, licking a nipple, wearing a bra, and his latest slip-up, humping a naked friend in Vegas. The most recent leaked photos in Las Vegas forced Prince Harry to return to London.

The last, but certainly not least, in the collection was a teenage Harry dressed in a Nazi uniform.
The audience seemed shocked, but this photo was taken from 2005 when Harry made a regrettable choice for his Halloween costume.

The added gift on the fake promotional advert was a mug with Harry’s face saying “Oh boy, I really f---ed up.”

“Tastes like … shame,” Williams says.

Here’s the clip: 

Prince Harry’s naked frolics in Los VegasGoogle Images