The official poster for George Clooney’s political thriller titled ‘Ides of March,’ set during a Democratic presidential primary, has been released with two of Hollywood’s most coveted bachelors as the main focus.

The outspoken actor adapted the film’s screenplay, directed it and is starring in the movie. He plays a Democratic candidate who during the campaign, explores the differences between public inspiration and private flaws in public, said the Huffington Post.

Clooney told USA Today that the movie focuses less on politics and more on human “mistakes and flaws.”

Talented and easy on the eyes, Ryan Gosling is the supporting actor and portrays an ideal campaign press secretary who is led astray by Clooney’s immoral character, who is involved in a political scandal.

“Of course it’s political; it takes place during a primary," he says. “But it’s more about process than platform.”

Clooney has shown the movie to both sides of the political spectrum and said Republicans despise the beginning of the film, while Democrats hater the end.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Paul Zara, Morris' campaign manager. Clooney says he chose to portray a Democratic candidate to avoid making the film look like a biased political blow, and says the film took years to make as he waited for the excitement of President Obama’s election to simmer down.

The “Ocean’s eleven” actor said he originally hoped to film the movie in 2008 but the country was in too much of high spirits to handle “a cynical political movie. Now the cynicism seems to have come back.”

The story is based on “Farragut North,” a play by Beau Willimon, a former political staffer and now screenwriter.

Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood also star in the film and it is scheduled to premiere at the Venice Film Festival on August 31. “The Ides of March” opens in theaters on October 7.