Lindsay Lohan was caught in the act in Santa Monica, California and the cops made a blunder with the evidence; they dropped her cocaine on the floor.

TMZ are reporting this morning that Lindsay was carrying at least a half gram of cocaine in her pocket when she was arrested in 2007 for reckless driving through Malibu.

According to a police report somehow obtained by TMZ the police who found the drugs accidentally dropped a bunch of it all over the floor.

As Lindsay was arrested for her drugged-up ride she was tested for alcohol consumption and hauled off to Santa Monica jail.

When Lohan got to the jail house the police then searched her body for drugs and discovered a "paper bindle" in her right rear pant pocket.

It contained "an off while powdery substance" called cocaine.

As police were examining the evidence one officer let it slip through his fingers and dropped the bindle on the floor and spilled a good amount of the cocaine.

In the report TMZ obtained it said one police officer "observed a large portion of the substance fall from the bindle and land on the floor."

Lohan eventually pled no contest to two counts of DUI and entered a guilty plea to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance.