Punk is ofically dead. Nowadays even the legendary Irish singer and songwriter Shane MacGowan wants a mouth full of pearly white (and straight) teeth.

It really is the end of an era if even the former frontman of punk band The Pogues wants to have a Hollywood smile.

MacGowan is as famous for his mouth full of broken and missing teeth as he is for his unforgettable and often all too underrated songs.

But the Sun is reporting that MacGowan has appealed for a dentist to fix him up to launch his new acting career.

Through his partner Victoria Mary Clarke, the pair have urged dentists who are fans of the singer to get in contact.

In a lure that is sure to appeal to a savvy practitioner, she has even promised that the former Pogues frontman will do an advertising campaign for the selected dentist.

Victoria reportedly tweeted: 'Shane is keen to find a dentist so he can star in a Hollywood film' then adding: 'Pogues/Shane fans who are great dentists please apply!'

The singer who became the poster-boy for dodgy dental hygiene travelled to Spain in 2009 to get expensive denture work done, but a year later he was being photographed without his dentures and since then his face has retained a sunken look which he's eager to fix.

MacGowan has admitted that fan reactions - as well as the desire to look better - may be behind the decision. Fans often come up to him telling him they thought he'd died a long time ago. 'I thought you were dead, I always get that,' he said. 'How come you're not dead?'