He may have Irish ethnicity but Piers Morgan (born Pers O’Meara) is very much in love with the America he once disliked. In his latest book “God Bless America: Misadventures of a Big mouth Brit’ The America’s Got Talent judge admits that originally he was very cynical towards Americans.

"When I used to come here as a young show-business reporter for one of the London papers, I had a warped view," Morgan says. "The only Americans I met were lawyers, entertainment agents, managers and celebrities, which is not a very good reflection of the real America. So, you end up thinking all Americans are like that, because they're the only ones you meet.

"The same way, if you're on holiday in Europe, and you see a bunch of football hooligans fighting, you could go, 'God, they're a bunch of savages.' "

Morgan is the former editor of two prominent UK tabloid newspapers including News of the World and the Daily Mirror. However working as a judge on America’s Got Talent has opened his eyes up to the real America.

He confessed he has learnt a lot about the US when he said "What a huge country this is, and so varied. As I've traveled around with 'America's Got Talent,' I've gone to the North, South, East, West -- everywhere very different.”

Other things that Piers acknowledges he loves about America is the can do attitude that prevails.
" There's a great spirit and energy about America. There's a real can-do mentality, where you don't have a social class structure. Your structure is based on achievement and people who have done well for themselves. You embrace that and encourage that."

Morgan continues to be a popular judge on America’s Got Talent which is currently in its fifth season.