Irish actor Pierce Brosnan’s childhood home in Navan, County Meath is set to be demolished.

The now abandoned house, called Boyne Crest, will be knocked down along with two other houses and will be replaced with an apartment complex.

News that Navan Town Council gave the okay to Boheranch Ltd. To go ahead with the building project has saddened locals who want to keep a piece of Pierce in the superstar’s hometown.

Navan resident Michael Carolan, who was one of the main objectors to the application, told Ireland’s Herald: "It's sad because Pierce Brosnan is one of the most famous people to come out of this town and once his house is demolished it will be the last trace of him gone.”

The former 007 grew up in the Navan home with his grandparents.

Brosnan’s parents, carpenter Thomas Brosnan and nurse May Brosnan, split up when the actor was young, and he was sent to live with his mother’s parents, Philip and Kathleen Smith.

The “Mamma Mia!” star has described his childhood as “solitary,” and says he never knew his father.

"He left when I was an infant and I was left in the care of my mother and my grandparents,” Brosnan said.

"My mother was very courageous. She took the bold steps to go away and be a nurse in England, basically wanting a better life for her and myself.”

Brosnan’s mother May returned to Navan to visit young Pierce twice a year.

The actor eventually decided to join his mother in London, where he went on to study acting and become an international superstar.