Pierce Brosnan is deeply upset that son's name has been connected to a new movie along with Jack Nicholson's daughter because his son was actually turned down for the role.

Sean Brosnan did try out for a role in a movie called "Soul Surfer," about shark-attack surfer Beth Hamilton, but was told at the audition that he was too old for the role.  

Now his father is deeply unhappy about it. "There's a [film] company who are out of line, using his name to attach to this picture. Sean does know Jack's daughter, but he is not doing the movie. He's really very upset by it because they're using his name,” said the former 007 Irish star,

 "They even said that he was too old to play the part. The story was in the Daily Mail and in Variety. We know where they live, so we'll sort it out!"

'I hope this chapter can be closed quickly,' Brosnan says