Ireland's own 007 said his role as a politician in his new movie 'The Ghost Writer' was inspired by former British Prime Minster Tony Blair.

Brosnan told reporters he studied and researched Tony Blair closely so he could play the role of politician Adam Lang.

'The Ghost Writer' is an adaptation of British novelist Robert Harris' political novel 'The Ghost.'

Brosnan, 53, believes that Harris based the main character on Tony Blair.

However, according to reports, director Roman Polanski denies that Adam Lang is based on Blair.

But Brosnan has made up his own mind on the subject.

"I hopped on a train and met Polanski and the first question across the table was, 'Am I playing Tony Blair?' He said, 'No, you're not playing Tony Blair.'

"However, all roads, indications, emblems and stories seemed to point to him, so I looked at Tony Blair, his performance of Tony Blair being prime minister and his persona," he added.