Pierce Brosnan doesn’t spend all his time being a suave handsome actor showing new hunk on the block Robert Pattinson the ways of the world on New York film sets.

When not blazing a trail on the silver screen in flicks like "Mamma Mia," the Meath man, along with his wife Keely, is a passionate advocate for the protection of whales and sea life.

For the past 16 years the former 007 star has campaigned for whale preservation. Earlier this year he visited the White House to speak with representatives of the President to ask them to start a dialogue with Norway, Japan and Iceland, three countries that still carry out whaling today.

Earlier this month Brosnan and his wife blogged on www.takepart.com about a movie they watched that prompted them to make this plea:

“There is a cove in Taiji, Japan that is completely off limits to the public. Activists have long suspected that dolphins and porpoises were entering the cove and not coming out, but there was little evidence of what took place in those closely guarded waters.

“We have long been passionate about marine mammal protection. After watching "The Cove," we were astonished to discover that more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are slaughtered in Japan each year, and that their meat — which contains toxic levels of mercury — is sold to consumers and in grocery stores across Japan," continues the blog entry.

“Without this kind of investigative journalism, the plight of dolphins and the safety of some of Japan’s seafood may not have been adequately reported. This powerful and moving film is an urgent cry for help — and now that the public finally knows the truth, we must demand change.”

Brosnan, who also campaigns for environmental causes, women’s health and children’s welfare, is an example of how a movie star can use celebrity power to make a positive contribution and be a real role model.