Pierce Brosnan's remarkable year of starring roles continues with 'The Greatest' which opens Friday.

Critical reactions have have been all over the map, with some praising the 'accomplished drama' and others slating it as a 'Kleenex fest.'

The new film begins with the death of the teenage son of a well-to-do family. The boy's parents, played by Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon, are understandably grief stricken.

But when Rose, played by recent Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, shows up at the front door and informs them she is carrying the child of their late son, grief turns to shock and ultimately acceptance.

'The Greatest' has been praised for its formidable cast, but also for taking a risk with its serious subject matter. One thing is certain, Brosnan has been picking challenging roles this year and the new flick gives him the opportunity to display his skills in another mature and sobering drama.