Pierce Brosnan says Robert Pattinson reminds him of himself at the start of his career, and says Pattinson is handling his fame "very gracefully" and has a great future ahead of him.

The two star in the new movie "Remember Me."

“With Robert Pattinson, I have watched this young lad really acquit himself very gracefully,”  Brosnan told IrishCentral in an exclusive interview.

 “He’s doing allright with the pressure. He knows what to do and how to do it. It’s a bit overwhelming for him at times. I mean he really did enter into the vortex of fame with the speed of a flame. So I think he’s got it in control. The movie 'Remember Me' is really, really well done by Robert. He’s also bright enough to know that you have to create the work for yourself in this climate (Pattinson is a co-producer of the film). You have to fight your way out of the box they put you in. “

Brosnan, the fomer James Bond, knows better than most  what it feels like to be a triple-threat actor: He’s a sex symbol, a style icon and a highly respected actor all in one.

He also knows what lies in store for an actor with his qualities. Reflecting on Pattinson’s breakout roles, Brosnan sees a career arc that reminds him of his own.

“Being in certain films can change you. It’s just like going into 'Bond.' You know that you’re going to be branded for life. It’s a small club of men that have played the role, and you know what you have to do to redefine yourself, to stay alive as an actor, to find the roles. To live an actor’s life, you’ve got to be tough as old boots."

Pattinson has cornered the market in screaming fans, and veteran Irish screen hunk Brosnan could not be happier about it. Speaking to IrishCentral this morning, Brosnan, who played James Bond four times, smiled as he described the unexpected turn of events when the two men were filming "Remember Me" in Manhattan.

“It was interesting being on the streets of New York, and his wee caravan was down on one end of the street surrounded by three thousand screaming teenagers, and I was quietly sitting in my caravan down on the other end of the street with a few mothers and lovely ladies. There was just one or two down my side. That was interesting. “

Brosnan smiles. “It was very quiet, thank God. There was one day I was getting ready for a scene and we were by a school that was being let out. I heard all these little nippers going by and asking, “Who’s in there? Who’s in there?” And I heard one of them answer, “Ah, that’s the old James Bond.”

Brosnan, who wore an elegant Tom Ford suit set off by his father’s gold cufflinks, erupts with laughter at the memory.

“So you tell yourself, Okay. Fair enough. That’s what happens. That’s the glory and the grace of life.”


Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan on the set of 'Remember Me'