Irish actor Pierce Brosnan usually attracts the crowds – and the ladies. But on the set of his new film “Remember Me,” Brosnan is being snubbed by teeny boppers who prefer the younger, fresher “Twilight” actor Robert Pattinson.

The two Hollywood stars are on location in New York, where security has had to be drastically heightened in order to protect Pattinson from his crazed fans.

Brosnan, who plays Pattinson’s father in the film, has said that diehard RPatz fans have been swarming the “Twilight” star since he’s arrived. Many of them have tried to grab at the British actor, and even sent him running into a moving taxi cab as he flew across the street to escape the mob.

Ex-Bond star Brosnan may be shaken and stirred by all the commotion, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that he’s not the most popular guy on set.

Brosnan fan Amy Feran snagged a spot outside the Plaza in New York to watch some of the “Remember Me” shoot.

While barricades were set up along the street to guard Pattinson from his teenage fans and their moms, who were all scrambling to take pictures of the sunglass-donning actor, Feran says “no one was interested in Pierce.”

“They didn’t pay any attention to Pierce when he was walking around the set,” she said. “Even when he tripped on the curb, no one seemed to notice.”

Meanwhile, Pattinson’s security team escorted him everywhere, even from the short walk from the set to his trailer. Onlookers say that every time a car or truck would block the crowd’s view of the actor’s trailer, the girls would angrily scream until the driver got out of the way.

But Brosnan, as suave and gracious as ever, kept his cool amidst the hullabaloo, and even joked around with the mob of fans.

“Pierce turned around on the steps of the Plaza and took a picture of the crowd with his mobile, which got everybody laughing.”