Friends of James Bond star Pierce Brosnan says he ‘reliving a nightmare’ after the tragic death of his daughter.

Charlotte Brosnan died at just 41 years of age last month from ovarian cancer, the same disease that killed her mum Cassandra.

Close friend Bron Roylance says that Brosnan is ‘reliving the nightmare’ after the same cancer killed Cassandra in 1991.

She told the Irish Sun: “Charlotte’s illness came with a darkness because Pierce was reliving the past.

“He was having to relive the whole nightmare of this horrific disease.

“Pierce is dealing with Charlotte’s death but in reality he is beyond devastated.”

Adopted by Brosnan after his wedding to Cassandra, Charlotte fought a three year battle with ovarian cancer, 22 years after her mother died of the same killer condition.

Brosnan is trying to recover from the ordeal with the help of his wife Keeley.

Remington Steele star Roylance added: “It is true love. During the tough times they are both beacons of strength.

“Pierce uses the words ‘Rise up’. He has got an inner quality that allows him to go on. He will continue to be a husband and a father.

“He will continue on with his life. That’s Pierce: one foot forward. Always.”