Irish star Pierce Brosnan (above) says he was humiliated at having to wear bright blue tights for his role as a centaur in the CGI scenes of "Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief."

Brosnan, who will next be seen in the Robert Pattinson movie "Remember Me," plays the half-man, half-horse god Chiron the Centaur.

He says he was half-fooled into the role by director Chris Columbus who said he would be playing a real man. But, says the former James Bond star, "It takes a real man to wear tights!"

"I play a teacher, Professor Brunner, who's a paraplegic philosopher of the gods and then he goes into this 'other' world where he becomes this powerful horse's a*s.

"Christopher, he was a clever b****r - he sent me this script with a beautiful artist's impression of me as Chiron, looking great and fantastic and brilliantly buffed and I thought 'I'm goood, this is splendid!'

"So, of course I said 'yes' and then we came to the moment of glory (filming the scenes) and I've got good leather straps here and there (pointing to his chest) and buckles and knives and a sword, but then I had to get into tights, so they could put the horse's a*s on me.

"You know it's not easy to be all butch up here and look down and you've got tights on."