Irish screen hunk Pierce Brosnan played the role of James Bond in four of the long running super spy series, but this week he has revealed that he struggled to promote his second 007 movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies' - because he actually didn’t like it.
The 56-year-old actor said that he loved shooting for 'Golden Eye' but the following sequels were really not as good, reports The Daily Express.
'I remember starting the first day on that film in an aircraft, flying a jet and it was 102 degrees, and I’m wearing a helmet and sweater, and then I’m being strangled over and over again, and I thought, 'Oh my God, this bloody character is going to kill me',' Brosnan told Venice Magazine.
'The press tour for that film was 22 countries. When I did it I knew the movie wasn’t up to speed; it wasn’t as good as Golden Eye and you have to bang the drum loudly to get the attention,' he added.
The last Bond movie Brosnan did was Die Another Day in 2002, with a title song performed by Madonna. 'I never felt that I really nailed it,' Brosnan said looking back to his Bond roles. We have to say we disagree.