The sprouts of one of my favorite and sexiest Irish actors, Pierce Brosnan, and the offspring of on-screen legend, Jack Nicholson, are set to follow in their father's footsteps.

The children, Sean Brosnan, 26 (seen above with his father Pierce) and Lorraine Nicholson, 19, will star in a biopic movie about a professional surfing shark attack survivor.

Brosnan will play the best friend and brother of teen wave rider Bethany Hamilton.

Bethany, a staunch survivor and classy lady, went back into the water just three weeks after a Great White shark bit her arm off while she was out surfing at the age of 13.

Bethany, who has gone on to win many competitions even after losing her arm, will be played by Hollywood newbie, Sophia Robb. The movie will be entitled, "Soul Surfer."

Both young Brosnan and young Nicholson have had minor parts in other movies before.