Legendary Irish designer Philip Tracey has spoke out about his Royal Wedding  hat design, which sent tongues wagging around the world.

The Galway designer of Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding hat said that in future he thinks people may look back on the taupe bow style head piece as “wild”.

He told the Observer: “She is only 22 and there was a little bit of bullying going on. I didn't give a f*** about 140,000 bloggers. In the future, we'll look back and think she looked wild.”

Tracey who designed hats for 30 of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's guests, including Camilla Parker Bowles and Victoria Beckham.

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Talking about his inspiration for the headpiece he said he viewed Beatrice as a “beautiful, exotic, Victorian doll”.

“Princess Beatrice is Queen Victoria's great, great, great, great granddaughter and looks like Queen Victoria,” he said.

“I thought I was making a hat with a bow on it.”

During the interview Treacy also revealed that the Queen described wearing hats as “part of the uniform” in a conversation with him.

“When you meet the Queen, you are not supposed to ask questions,” he said.

“But I thought: what the hell. So I looked her in the eye and said: "Ma'am, do you enjoy wearing hats?" And she stood back and said: "It is part of the uniform."'