Phil Lynott was a groundbreaking rock star, a biracial singer-songwriter from Ireland who changed the face of rock-n-roll. But that doesn't mean it's easy to make a movie about Lynott, who died when he was just 36 following a long struggle with drugs and alcohol. A movie based on Lynott's life has been postponed following accusations that the film exaggerated Lynott's addictions. The bio-pic was reportedly ready to shoot, and was slated to feature CSI actor Gary Dourdan in the lead role. But former members of Lynott's band Thin Lizzy insist that the depiction of Lynott be more accurate. Guitarist Scott Gorham was quoted as saying: "There was a lot more to Phil and the band than just taking drugs. It irritates me that the personal stuff overshadows the musical legacy. You only get one shot at getting a movie right. We won't give it the green light until everyone is happy." Lynott died in 1986.