English singer with Irish roots Pete Doherty is looking at criminal charges in connection with the death of an English heiress in January.

Doherty, lead singer of the band The Libertines, may be charged with supplying drugs that caused society heiress Robin Whitehead to overdoes and die.

Doherty, 31, is an English musician, writer, and artist.

He is currently a singer and songwriter in the band The Libertines, which he reformed with Carl Barât in 2010.

His other musical project is indie band Babyshambles.

In 2005, Doherty became prominent in tabloids, the news media, and pop culture blogs because of his romantic relationship with model Kate Moss and his frequently-publicised heroin addiction.

Following his rejoining of the band, The LIbertines, Doherty sought treatment for his drug addiction.

He attended the alternative detox centre Wat Tham Krabok, a temple in Thailand, famous for its rehabilitation program for crack and heroin users, where he was beaten with a bamboo cane and forced to drink foul herbal concoctions to induce vomiting.

He left after three days and returned to England.

He has not been able to kick the habit fully.

Doherty is denying any involvement in the death of the 27-year old heiress to the Goldsmith dynasty.

He said at the time he was 'shocked and saddened' by the tragedy.

Doherty, 31, who has more than 20 drugs convictions, faces the prospect of a trial on the charge of supplying drugs, which carries a possible maximum life sentence.

In June Doherty was, after spending 10 hours in detention in JFK Airport, refused entry into the United States - despite having a visa

Following in the footsteps of model and ex-fiancée Kate Moss, Doherty became the face of Roberto Cavalli's Fall 2007/2008 fashion advertising campaign. The photos gained praise for depicting a much cleaner and more handsome Doherty.

The '50s-style photographs have also been compared to images of Marlon Brando.