Fiona Dargan and Triona Brown pose with their awards
in the Open Champion Girls under 16 competition from the Greater Buffalo Feis.
Photo courtesy Triona Brown

The Greater Buffalo Feis, a regional Irish dancing competition held June 2, 2012, attracts competitive Irish dancers and a panel of distinguished adjudicators from both Canada and the United States. Adjudicators were ADCRGs Jimmy Early, Gary Healy, Orla Kelly, Patsy McLoughlin, Philip Owens, Deirdre Penk O'Donnell, Luann O'Rourke, and Lisa and Karen Petri.

Eleven of 23 solo events yielded champions with perfect 300 scores, which means all three judges awarded each a first placement for that competition.  Of the 11 perfect scores awarded, two were Preliminary Championship events with a light and heavy round danced.  Perfect scores were awarded to Eastern Canadians Annie Pendlebury from Ni Fherraigh O'Ceallaigh (Preliminary Champion Girls under 15) and Nicole Finch from Gilchrist-Canavan (Preliminary Champion Girls under 17).

Perfect scores were also awarded to New Yorkers and Under 9 Open Champions Molly Kate-Brooks Smock from Drumcliffe (Girls) and Joey Marino from Rince na Tiarna (Boys). Three additional Rince na Tiarna Irish dancers - Emily McEwen (Open Girls under 12), Fiona Dargan (Open Girls under 16), and Evan Adams (Open Boys under 16) scored perfect 300s too.  Gannon Connors from Clann na Cara topped the Open Men under 18 podium with a solid 300.

From Canada in the Open Champion category, Miranda Lee from Goggin-Carroll won the Open Girls under 14 with a perfect score while Jaylene Kehoe and Patrick Grant, both from Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Eastern Canada, scored 300s in the Open Girls under 10 and Boys under 12 categories, respectively.

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Siblings Emily and Nyles Church from Reaney Academy
Pictured at Feis at the Falls 2011
Photo: S.J. Velasquez

Congratulations also to the Irish dancers who also won their competitions at the 2012 Greater Buffalo Feis:

Preliminary Champion under 8 and under 9 (Boys and Girls): Carson Einwechter from Doyle
Preliminary Champion under 10 Isabelle Hebert from Sue Fay Healy (Girls)
Preliminary Champion under 11 Laurenne-Victoria Tynski from Sue Fay Healy (Girls)
Preliminary Champion under 12 - Mackenzie LeBrun from Doyle (Girls)
Preliminary Champion under 13:  Gillian Whelan from Ni Fhearraigh-O'Ceallaigh (Girls)
Preliminary Champion under 14: Maggie Leon from Butler-Fearon-O'Connor (Girls)
Preliminary Champion under 16: Niki Louvelle from Faherty DeMenezes (Girls)
Preliminary Champion under 18: Brenna Gibbons from Brady-Campbell (Girls)
Preliminary Champion 18 & Over: Victoria Leahy from Goggin-Carroll (Girls)
Open Champion under 14: Miranda Lee from Goggin-Carroll (Girls) and Aaron Wolf from Bell (Boys)
Open Champion under 18: Alexandra Adams from Rince na Tiarna (Ladies)
Open Champion 18 & Over:  Mary Catherine Kulp from Clann na Cara (Ladies)

Full results are available at Feisweb.

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