Simon Heale, a 37-year-old sex offender previously convicted in the UK for child rape, has been jailed again for soliciting internet sex acts from children under Niall Horan’s name, the Irish Independent reported.

Heale told girls, most of whom were between 13 and 15, that if they sent him videos of sex acts, they’d be able to talk to Niall Horan in an online chat room. He sometimes alternated Horan’s name for Justin Beiber’s.

The ploy elicited over 180 videos from girls worldwide, including two of girls performing sex acts with their younger male relatives. Heale also convinced the girls to send him topless photos of themselves.

The detective inspector who lead the case described both Horan and Bieber as “shocked and appalled”- as one would certainly hope.

Heale will serve at least a decade in prison, but the judge specified in his sentence that Heale might never leave jail, the Independent reported.

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