According to Otto Bathurst, fans will soon see their favorite "Peaky Blinders" characters on the big screen.

The award-winning British television and film director made the, albeit rather ambiguous, announcement to Yahoo Movies.

“I think it’s actually being written. I think Steve, Steve Knight the writer, I think they’re planning something, yeah," he said.

Said writer, Steve Knight, also said last year that a movie was "probably going to happen".

Bathurst (47) declined to say whether he is involved in the venture - after all he only directed three episodes during Season One and his new film "Robin Hood" has also just hit theaters.

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A Peaky Blinders movie script is being written, according to Season 1 and Robin Hood director Otto Bathurst (exclusive)

— Yahoo Movies UK (@YahooMoviesUK) November 14, 2018

Cork native Cillian Murphy, who plays Tommy Shelby, was vague when asked about the prospect of a movie.

The actor who plays the infamous Peaky Blinder gang leader said, "I’m sort of ambivalent about it…It’s kind of a sexy idea, but I’ll reserve judgment until the idea is presented to me.”

"I think Steve has some ideas. You'd have to be careful, but I'd be curious to do it," Murphy added.

if we actually get a peaky blinders movie,, imagine the kind of content we'll get to see on the big screen

— a (@ciIlianshelby) November 14, 2018

The fifth season of the hit show is currently being filmed in the UK, with a stated release date in early 2019.

Knight told the Birmingham Mail that the new season will be set in the 1930s and that it will touch on the rise of fascism.

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