YOU'LL remember a few weeks back we told you that sweet little Peaches Geldof, the still teenaged daughter of Bob Geldof, took off for Vegas and got hitched to her American indie musician beau of only a month. Needless to say, Sir Bob wasn't too thrilled at the time.

Since then, Peaches, 19 going on . . . well, we're not sure . . . has been keeping busy in her own inimitable way. She's moved to our neck of the woods, New York, to start classes at NYU and a job with Nylon magazine (isn't it nice when you can slide into these gigs when you have a famous last name?), she's posed for racy lingerie ads for Agent Provocateur, and she's continued to hit the party circuit in the Big Apple.

Oh yeah, according to the British tabs that keep constant tabs on her, she's not wearing a wedding ring. But her new husband, Max Drummey, who apparently has a following in his own right with his band Chester French, did help lug her bags when she landed at JFK Airport earlier this month.

Peaches' desire for a new life in New York stems, apparently, from a desire to escape the intense media scrutiny she regularly receives in London. New York isn't exactly a place where one goes to be unnoticed, so we'll have to see if she makes her presence felt on "Page Six" and other gossip pages. Somehow, we have a feeling that she will.

Though her dad was said to be upset at his daughter's decision to wed, according to a source speaking to the Daily Mail, he's feeling fine again.

"She wasn't too sure about New York at first but her father persuaded her and so she signed up at the university and was offered a job," said the source. "She now has her father's blessing with Max, which is a weight off her mind.

"Bob wants her to have structure and a routine. We hope her new life across the pond works out."

Her new ads for the Agent Provocateur lingerie company are, well, quite provocative, as you can see. But again, daddy Geldof has supposedly given his seal of approval to the risqu spread, and is keen to have his youngest daughter, the up and coming 17-year-old tabloid star Pixie, also take part in the ad campaign.

"Peaches is really pleased with the pictures, and actually Pixie loves them too. In fact, she is signing up to do a shoot later this year," a source said.