Paul McCartney makes himself sick before playing live.

The music legend has a pre-concert ritual of gargling with salt water, but admits it makes him vomit.

When asked if he has any rituals, McCartney said: “Well yes, kind of. I’ve got a couple of little things I do in the dressing room, but it’s really minimal, you know, it’s more superstitious than anything. I gargle with salt water.”

When quizzed if it makes him sick, he quipped: “Yes, it does. It’s this kind of bulimia thing I’ve got going on. No, it’s supposed to be good for you, salt water. I don’t know why. I persuade myself its good for me.” 

However, McCartney – who is a strict vegetarian – didn’t need to rinse out his mouth with salt water when he was in The Beatles.

He added in a radio interview with "Absolute Radio Breakfast Show" host Christian O’Connell to be aired tomorrow: “I’ve only started doing this recently. It’s in the dressing room, there’s a little packet of salt and a kettle for me.”