Director Brett  Rattner, who is about to launch the long-anticipated "Youngblood " upon us -- the latest comic book hero come to the Hollywood screen, may have jinxed his film already .

Rattner, of "X Men Final Stand"  fame, is hyping  Robert Pattinson as his lead man in the movie, based on "Deadpool" "creator Rob Liefeld 's adventures of a U.S. government team of  superheroes who battle super villains.

The key role is that of "Shaft," a former FBI agent and expert marksman, and clearly  Rattner wants Pattinson for the part.

Word was that Irish actor Colin Farrell was a likely candidate for the main role and that he was actively seeking it, but Rattner has appeared to tip his hand in favor of Pattinson in an MTV interview.

"Definitely [Robert Pattinson] from 'Twilight,'" Rattner told MTV News when asked if he had any names under consideration for the key role.

The wimpy pale faced unwashed Pattinson as the cool super hero? I think not. Macho Colin Farrell would be so much better in the role. If its a man's man you want, then Colin's your man. If you want a girlie boy, then Robert is the lad.

It reminds me of the old country and western classic "She got the goldmine, I got the shaft."  Maybe Colin might be singing that before too long.

Rattner told MTV "My vision for it is: We're going to make a very edgy, cool film," he explained. "We're not soft-peddling it at all."
With Paleface Pattinson you are  Brett. Kemo Sabay?

Maybe if he's thinking of making a movie of children's cult classic "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" Pattinson might fit the bill. As a macho hero, no way.