Robert Pattinson wants teens to just say no to sex.

Despite the lusty vampire theme in the "Twilight" movies, no sex actually occurs. And fans are taking that as a reason to stay chaste and celibate, according to a new survey.

Pattinson himself apparently agrees, saying recently that "'Twilight' is a big metaphor for sexual abstinence.

"It's erotic underneath," he added "Fans can lust after Edward and yet, certainly in the first book there's no actual sexual contact between him and the series heroine. There are so many elements in the story which are sexy."

Now new research shows that the "lesson" of the movie series is being taken to heart by many young girls and a surprising number of boys.

Melissa Click, who helped write "Bitten By 'Twilight': Youth Culture, Media and the Vampire Franchise," says: "What really surprised us was the obvious abstinence message in the books and that teens were responding favorably to this message."

A survey showed  that 47 percent of males and 54 percent of females say they like the celibacy theme in the books.

Click says: "The survey results, as well as our focus group data, suggest that the Bella/Edward relationship resonates with boys and men as well as girls and women.

"No one said categorically that they would pursue sexual abstinence, but some teens said they felt 'Twilight' made abstinence a bit more cool.

"What is important to remember is that these teens receive more of their messages about abstinence from parents and educators, so to see a media text -- and a very popular media text -- portray waiting until marriage to have sex as desirable, definitely had an impact on them."

Chastity may be the new "in" word among young stars. Miley Cyrus has said that she will remain a virgin until married, as have members of the Jonas Brothers.