While filming the romantic drama, “Remember Me” in New York, Pierce Brosnan was shocked by the number of screaming fans who descended on the set. He was also charmed by the shy superstar Robert Pattinson.
“Lovely lad, lovely lad. Just caught up in the vortex of fame,” said Brosnan. “I’d come out of my trailer and there’d be hundreds and hundreds of young girls. And I’d get a lovely round of applause and waves and photographs and I’d trip up the steps of the Plaza , feeling chuffed that I still had the juice
“And then - then Robert would appear and I’d hear this bedlam of beauties, this monstrous, monstrous cacophony of screams and shouts. And the circle grows, the circle grows. And you move on.”
Brosnan expressed great admiration for how the young star is handling his amazing fame. He said the two of them could in fact be father and son and had much in common.
They often chatted over a coffee and put money on horses together. “He’s a dude who’s doing his thing,” said Brosnan of the down-to-earth megastar.