Twilight superstar Rob Pattinson may be young in years but he keeps his cool when he meets the established folk of Hollywood. At least, that’s what Rachel Weisz said earlier this week.

"He wasn't star-struck. He's got a whole rebel vibe, right” she said in an interview quoted on MTV’s website Hollywood Crush. Weisz, 39, seemed pretty taken with the 23-year-old Twilight hunk. "He's kind of iconoclastic,” she went on. “He's flaunting authority. Yeah, pretty cool."

Weisz co-stars with Pattinson in “Unbound Captives,” an independent film directed by Madeleine Stowe slated to come out sometime next year. Hugh Jackman of “X Men Origins: Wolverine” has the role of Weisz’ love interest.

“Unbound Captives” will add something new to Pattinson’s resume. It’s a period epic drama about a woman, played by Weisz, who is widowed and enlists the help of a frontiersman (Jackman) to find her two children, who have been kidnapped by a tribe of warriors, according to IMDB.

Weisz certainly seemed to know a thing or two about Pattinson’s vampire alter-ego. "Meeting him was vampiric. He sucked my blood," she joked on MTV news, according to the website. "Wait, is he the vampire? He is the vampire, right?"

Rob Pattinson’s character in the film is called Phineas. The difference in the two stars' ages comes through in the casting. This time round Pattinson's not the romantic hero -- he plays the lovely Weisz’s son.