Diehard Dallas fans were delighted to hear about the return of Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, and Larry Hagman to Southfork Ranch in Texas, for the new series of the iconic soap opera.

Duffy, who was named after St. Patrick because of his March 17 birthday, returns to his role as the nice guy Bobby Ewing in the classic series. The 63-year-old actor spoke to AM New York about the comeback.

“I'm so grateful that this show is on the air now [and] that I get to work with Larry and Linda again, who are my dearest and closest friends in life,” Duffy said.

In one of his most memorable scenes from 'Dallas,' Duffy came back from the dead and emerged from the shower after been killed off in an earlier series.

Duffy says it was easy to fall back into his old role for the new TNT version of the hit 1980s soap opera, which is produced by Cynthia Cidre.

“It's pretty much snap your fingers and boom ... The same was true for Larry and Linda. It was eerie [that] it felt so natural. So I knew it was the appropriate thing to do.”

“Cynthia [Cidre] just understood it inherently, and she got the voices of every one of those characters perfectly. When Larry, Linda and I read that first script, we talked to each other - because we would never do it if the other two didn't want to - and we said we were in. This is the best thing we've read concerning 'Dallas,' including probably half of the episodes of the original show. That's how good she is,” Duffy added.

According to Duffy, the entire series is filmed in Texas which he says is a “a very important aspect of the show”.

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