Irish American hottie, Patrick Dempsey,  better known to us as Dr. Dreamy from "Grey's Anatomy" will play the boss of stunning actress Megan Fox in the next "Transformers" movie.

A lot about "Transformers 3" is being kept very hush hush, but it was leaked this week that Dempsey has a pretty significant role in the movie.

I wonder will the two get all hot and steamy.

Um, this will be interesting!

Sources close to the movie have reported that Dr. Dreamy is "all over" the role and can't wait to star alongside Foxy Fox.

As for the actress who plays Mikaela Banes in the movie, Fox was in Los Angeles on Sunday, May 2 to do a pre-visualization of the movie before shooting begins in Africa, Moscow and China later this month.

In the mean time before dropping everything - including his wife - to rush off to the African continent to begin shooting the movie, Dempsey will fulfill his role in the indie comedy "Flypaper.”

In the movie, Dempsey plays a guy who has a super crush on another hot actress, Jessica Biel. Biel plays a bank teller than Dempsey’s character falls in love with.

And of course when a bank is involved there has to be at least two robberies.

You're having a good year of it with the ladies, Dr. Dreamy.