Westlife used to skip meals to get drunk. The 'Flying Without Wings' group admit that their advancing years mean they can no longer party as hard as they used to and can't believe how they used to behave.

Singer Nicky Byrne said: "It you think back to when we were 21, it was like, 'Who cares about food? Just get a bottle of vodka down your neck by 12 o'clock'. Now that we're hitting 30, it's different."

His bandmate Shane Filan added to Cosmopolitan magazine: "The older we get, the more we prefer a good restaurant to a club. But as long as you have a drink and a laugh..."

Even though they now prefer quiet nights, the 'World Of Our Own' hitmakers love going out together - because it gives them a chance to wear matching outfits.

Mark Feehily said: "We love getting dressed up as a band. When we went to Simon Cowell's 50th birthday party, we all got ready together in a hotel room and put expensive suits on."