Last Friday police at a World Cup match in South Africa found marijuana in the designer handbag of Paris Hilton who was with her friend, Playboy playmate, Jennifer Rovero. Hilton was arrested

There was some question as to who the marijuana was but eventually Ms Rovero owned up and accepted the fine and deportation order. From the beginning Hilton’s lawyer Terry Price insisted that the joint was not hers.

He said “They got the wrong blonde…Paris wasn’t in possession of anything.”

Hilton and Rovero were followed to the Brazil versus Holland match by undercover police. The police boarded their coach with sniffer dogs who went straight to the designer handbag in question. They were arrested and fingerprinted before spending four hours in a filthy cell.

Hilton wore thigh-high boots and skin tight jeans to her hearing but she was almost immediately told to step down as Rovero had admitted to the possession.

During the drama Hilton also found time to Twitter. She wrote “Hey guys, lots of crazy rumours are going around. I just want you all to know the truth.

“Everything is completely fine. I haven’t been charged or arrested cause I didn’t do anything. I was assisting police with their investigation and answering their questions.

“Everyone has been super nice and friendly to me.

“I love South Africa! Such an amazing place, especially during the World Cup!”