In a tell all interview with Black Book Ron Galella the original paparazzo speaks about how he was in love with Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Acclaimed one of the first paparazzo’s Ron became renowned for photographing the rich and famous in the sixties and seventies.  He was obsessed with Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  She famously sued him for photographing her and her son while bike riding in Central Park. Galella reflects that this actually aided his career “Her countersuing me was good because, if she didn’t, I wouldn’t be a celebrity. She did me a favor”

When asked if he was in love with the former first lady he admits that definitely he was, “I was obsessed with her.” He remembers her as being remarkable beautiful with big eyes and heavy lips, “most of all she was very graceful and elegant. She was always mobile, and I like to record life, and movement is life, and she didn’t stop and pose.”

Gaella went to great extremes to photograph Jackie. He even courted one of her maids in order to get tipped off about her exact locations.

In a new documentary Smash His Camera, talking heads as well as Galella himself reflect on his career stalking the rich and famous.