Irish drag queen superstar Panti Bliss has come in 29th place in the Time readers’ poll of the world’s 100 most influential people.

The online poll has closed, and the final list, which will be decided by the Time magazine editors, will be published on April 21.

The prestigious annual list, which was first published in 1999, is comprised of world leaders, artists, great minds, and “other icons of the moment” who are recognized as changing the world in some way.

The LGBT rights activist, whose real name is Rory O’Neill, came ahead of names like Rihanna, Joe Biden and Amy Schumer, the Irish Times reports.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders won the number one spot in the poll, with 3.3 percent of the vote.
In a statement on her Facebook page, Panti wrote:

“So voting is closed on the TIME 100 poll, and bizarrely I came in at #29 (suck it, Vladimir Putin! ). That doesn’t mean I’ll actually be on their list though because that’s decided by the magazine’s editorial board, not the public, but I feel like it might at least get me an invite to the party, right?

“If it does, I’ll need a date. I’ll be taking applications. Unless Zayn decides to come with me... in which case, applications closed.”