Look we admit it, we don't know how the rumor that Lady Gaga will marry soon got started.

What we do know is that Irish bookie Paddy Power has opened bidding on who will design Gaga's dress.

Currently Gag's sister Natali is in the lead with 13–8 odds, while a separate betting pool is guessing that the dress will be made of balloons have 3–1 odds - and those guessing it will be made of glass have 11–2 odds

Remember all of this is being discussed before there's even a hint it might be timely.

After all Beyonce just stunned the world by announcing she is pregnant, and Gaga just appeared was an - at times - very convincing man, so anything's possible.

Powers is strongly speculating that Gaga pal and premiere designer Nicola Formichetti is good bet for any wedding dress coming down the pike, though it's all in play.

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Gareth Pugh, Atsuko Kudo, Vivienne Westwood, and Donatella Versace all round out the top six guesses at the moment.

Balloons, flowers, and glass are all being suggested as the material the dress will be spun from - but that makes it all the more likely they'll be overlooked. If there's one thing we've learned about Gaga, she doesn't enjoy being anticipated.