It's tackier than Jersey Shore but boy is it ever a hit. Irish 'reality' show Tallafornia won top ratings on its first outing and now fame seekers are lining up around the block to appear on the second season of the controversial TV3 show.

Yesterday the Herald reported that the Irish station has been 'flooded' with new applications from Irish wannabes who want to win fame - and hopefully lucrative advertising contracts - in the next go around.

1,000 people have applied in the hope of being tapped for the next season of the program, which producers have revealed will be filmed in an exotic location.

'The numbers have been massive. We have been inundated with requests and we only launched it a week ago. We haven't even started going through them yet, but the response has been great,' a spokesperson told the Herald.

'We're definitely going abroad but the country hasn't been confirmed yet so the fact that it will be filmed somewhere hot is obviously attracting people too.'

The follow up season promised old and new cast members living in a villa in a sun-kissed location for part of the next season, with the promise of more booze-filled frolics.

Model Kelly Donegan has become one of the stand-out stars of season one but it's not yet known whether she'll sign up for season two.

Season one of Talifornia was described as 'repulsive and compulsive viewing' by Senator David Norris.

Here's the promo from season one to show you what's "Tallafornia's" about:

The cast of "Tallafornia"TV3