Fiona Fortune is the renowned fortune teller for the Irish Voice newspaper.  she correctly predicted the Irish crash and Bono’s back injury. Here are her celebrity predictions for 2011:

1.Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will get engaged at Christmas 2011 with a wedding planned for late 2012. It is on my cards folks.

2. Susan Boyle will soon be meeting a significant other and have a real man in her life for the first time ever. Expect news in June.

3. Liam Neeson will enter a long term relationship and will remarry in 2012. Engagement by Christmas 2011.

4. Colin Farrell will get an Oscar nomination for his latest role as a gularg priisoner in ‘No Way Out.'

5. Bono and U2 will record their last album and focus on touring and concerts from then on. The announcement will be in September.

6. Padraig Harrington will make a major 2011 comeback and win the Master’s tournament in April at August.

7. Graeme McDowell will repeat as winner of the U.S. Open, giving Ireland an unprecedented two major winners in 2011.

8.Harry Potter star Luna Lovegood, Evanna Lynch, will announce a full time commitment to acting and move to London from Ireland.

9. Pierce Brosnan will star in a major surprise hit in 2011 and renew his career.

10. Martin Sheen and son Charlie will have a final falling out over the latter’s drug abuse. Expect fireworks in February.