“A Beautiful Mind” star Jennifer Connelly admits she has no projects lined up for when she finishes filming the upcoming movie “What’s Wrong With Virginia?”

The Irish-American Oscar winner, who raises sons Kai, 12, and Stellan, 6, with actor husband Paul Bettany, said: “The biggest thing for me is wanting my kids to grow up safely and have happy lives. To me that’s enough.

“The family is the most important thing to me. I’m very blessed. I have gorgeous, healthy, funny kids and a good husband.

“Becoming a mother has made all the difference in terms of learning to take responsibility for my life. Parenthood changed the way I do everything.”

While both Connelly and Bettany have carved out successful acting careers, neither Kai – whose father is photographer David Dugan – nor Stellan want to follow in their footsteps.

The actress told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Stellan was saying for a while that he wanted to be an actor.

“But we just went on holiday where we did a lot of snorkeling and now he’s saying he wants to be a marine biologist. Weirdly, at exactly the same age, Kai said he wanted to be a marine biologist too.”